I’ve moved!

Hey guys! I've moved on to better things and the blog can now be found here. Much love to you all! xo, Lynda

Travel Tips

Barcelona Travel Guide

Hey guys! I hope you're all doing very well. So today I got the bright idea of writing a travel guide for my trip to Barcelona that I took a while back ago. I was in need of a getaway trip and wanted to escape London for a couple of days so I booked a… Continue reading Barcelona Travel Guide


Damaged hair, bad hairstylists and good products

Once upon a time I was definitely what you call a product junkie. I was one of those people who would try so many things in the hopes of my hair growing fast enough, getting thicker and all of that good stuff. Being into natural hair as well as hair remedies from natural products I… Continue reading Damaged hair, bad hairstylists and good products